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Crestfall takes place in a world called Valoria. Valoria is also the name of the only continent known to the people of Valoria. The people of this world have had times of peace and times of war, gathering around the banners of four different kingdoms: The East, the most barbaric of the kingdoms; The South, the icy, cold region most isolated from the rest; The West, largely known for great heroes who seek fame and glory; and The North, the most ambitious and political of them all.

Since the year 2000 BU (Before Unification), when the earliest written records of Valoria were written, the four kingdoms had fought each other, with no side taking ultimate victory over the others. That was until the King of the North – King Kyros Havern – conquered all of the main continent. That was the first day of 1 AU (After Unification).

The current year is 314 AU. The Valorian Empire forged by Kyros Havern was strong until recently. Kyros’s descendant, King Darius Havern, is rumored to be losing his mind. His Empire is falling apart, and tensions are building all across Valoria. Lords across Valoria are undoubtedly to fight for independence or rule of the Empire. Laria, an island captured by the Empire in the year 212 AU, has already shown rebellions from orcs and humans alike.

The era of peace is about to come to an end. Little do the Lords of Valoria know, however, that a terrible evil, known only to few, is gaining power. He is known as The Devourer, and he is closer to total annihilation of Valoria than anyone could believe.

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