Character List

Armon – Leader of Larian Revolution, former bartender of The Drunken Kracken.

Cailin – Siege operator, last seen with Jared when Hydra was fleeing from cavalry during the Siege of Sartell.

Constable Darmon – Self-loving constable of Sartell.

Edmar (deceased) – Former member of Sartell Council and advisor to Lord Marton Trance, was killed by Hydra.

Elinor – Cowardly bard, member of the Larian Revolution.

Elis (deceased) – Evil Cleric of the Bronze Brigands, killed by Hydra.

Garthe – Leader of the Bronze Brigands, escaped during a fight with Hydra.

Jorah Blackmoon (deceased) – Necromancer in Deadlock Cave, killed by Hydra.

King Darius Havern – Aged, insane King of Valoria.

King Kyros Havern (deceased) – United all of Valoria.

Jared – Former soldier in Jorin Handleton’s army, joined the Larian Revolution with a blade at his neck. Last seen with Cailin when Hydra was feeling from cavalry during the [[Siege of Sartell]].

Jarhan (deceased) – Former member of the Bronze Brigands, killed by Hydra.

Lena (deceased) – Granddaughter of Vala, killed by a torturer in Sartell.

Lord Belia – Cowardly ruler of Belia, joined Revolution when Hydra saved his daughter.

Lord Darmok Trance (deceased) – Former ruler of Sartell, killed during revolution.

Lord Handleton – Ruler of Laria and Doria.

Lord Marton Trance (deceased) – Former ruler of Sartell, father to Darmok, assassinated.

Lord Yorkshire – Ruler of Intellia.

Maliance – King of the Orc Empire.

Marmon – Member of Sartell Council.

Owen – Illusory guide to Intellia.

Sir Hoyerk – Secretive messenger who warned Hydra of Jorin’s army.

Sir Jarhart – Member of Sartell Council, famed hero.

Sir Jorin Handleton (deceased) – Eldest son of Lord Handleton

Toren – Brother to Bralus.

Vala – Wise old woman of Rionas, has visions.

Character List

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